See the difference

 Not only are these heavy duty fire pits made in America with heavy gauge steel but, the workmanship is high quality. We've spent years refining every detail of our HEAVY DUTY FIRE PITS to ensure years of enjoyment for our customers.



 Heavy duty, reinforced grill tops with extra cross members to prevent warping of the 9ga (.110 inches thick) expanded metal grill top



 Every grill top has our signature 1/4 inch tall "weenie rail" around the edge of the grill top. To make sure your dogs don't roll off into the fire.  



  Every Heavy Duty Fire Pit has a rain drain in the bottom to prevent standing water and assist in washing out your pit. 





Our grill tops have 3 settings, all the way down and 2 pin holes for adjustments. Grill tops still swivel in the all the way down position and then held in place with a 3/8 inch stainless steel pin in the other 2 settings.



 High quality welding!  All of our welders are pros. Here's the proof!




With the weight of our pits and the low center of gravity, these are hard to turn over. Please do not attempt!




Heavy gauge square tubing legs made from 4 inch, 5 inch and 6 inch square tubing. The 4 inch and 5 inch legs have an 11 gauge wall thickness and the 6 square legs have a wall thickness of 3/16".




Even though they're heavy duty 2 people can move most of our pits.


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